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Hey there! I'm Alex

I help enterprising women from the beauty, health and wellness industry earn more in less time, building a great brand image on the Internet.

I'm a cat mom, a self-care freak, a fan of the American automotive industry and heavy sounds. I think the greatest luxury is being able to adapt your work to your lifestyle, not the other way around, and I try to help my clients with that.

I don't know of any wonderful way to make a million in one night because there is no such thing. However, you need to know that to be successful all you need to do is work smart, not hard.


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Kind words

  • Daria's review

    I am an istagramer and entrepreneur. I work in the MLM industry. Thanks to the cooperation with Alex, I tidied up my profile and adapted it to a profit-making activity. He has enormous knowledge not only about Instagram, but also about running an online business. We are in constant contact and none of my questions have ever been left unanswered. Firecracker girl. I recommend cooperation to anyone who wants to develop their online business.

    - Daria SzczawińskaInfluencer & Entrepreneur@dariaszczawinska


  • Axela's review

    I am a business coach and I deal with my clients comprehensively on a daily basis. In one of the last projects, I decided that I needed technical support for a website. I highly recommend Alex for her high work ethic, very effective communication throughout the cooperation and dedication to this project. If you need technical support, I really recommend it!

    - Axela RinoaBusiness Coach & Entrepreneur@fearlessfounderslab


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